The Community Auto Center Vehicle Consignment Program

 Want to sell your car?  With the Community Auto Center Consignment Program it can be easier than you think!  You will benefit from our massive advertising exposure and avoid the hassle of having people calling you or coming to your home.

  • We will agree in advance on a price that we will pay you when your car is sold.
  • We will display your car on our lot.
  • You will pay no advertising costs. We'll advertise your car just as we advertise our own cars, free of charge to you. You will benefit from having your car on our website, being listed on Cars.com, Craigslist in 5 markets, and all the other automotive websites we use, and on all of our social media exposure.
  • Once your car is sold we will pay you within 24 hours of delivery to the final buyer.

To Begin the Consignment Process

  Call 303-759-0600 and speak only with David Reed

If your car should require any detailing or reconditioning before being offered for sale, we will agree on the cost and extent of it advance.  If you agree, these costs will be your responsibility.  Before you can consign your car to us you must have a valid title or if you owe money you must sign a valid authorization for payoff so that we can pay it off and obtain the title when it is sold.  Any payoff will be deducted from the amount we pay you.  You must maintain proper insurance on your vehicle while it is in our possession.